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Lower-Blood-Pressure.com was created by Marie E Young, RN,C
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stress and stress related illnesses and how they directly effect your
physical and mental health are of
extreme psychological importance
to your recovery.

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Blood pressure readings

What is blood pressure?

Systolic - Diastolic - Blood pressure readings explained

high blood pressure - normal blood pressure - low blood pressure

cause of high blood pressure - blood pressure monitoring devices

symptoms of high blood pressure

How to lower your blood pressure
15 - 50 points instantly !

The search for lower blood pressure - The adventure begins

Things that will help you become happier and healthier

The power of belief   -  Stress reduction techniques   -   Relaxing images

Can homeopathic therapies work for you?

20 ways to lower blood pressure without drugs

How these high quality relaxation techniques can
reduce stress and lower your blood pressure immediately !

Sunset relaxation video - A stress management tool

Color Therapy    -    Massage therapy    -    Aromatherapy

Music Therapy    -  Plant therapy   -   Pet Therapy

Diet   -   Exercise  -  Vacation

Stress & the Stacking Effect

Is stacking stress the cause of your high blood pressure?

How stacking stress keeps raising your blood pressure
Something everyone should know

Stress and the immune system

TV or not TV... that is the question


The Effects of Stress

Stress and the immune system

Where does stress come from

Is Stress killing you?

Stress related illnesses
Are you a victim?

The effects of stress
How stress effects the brain

Blood pressure devices

Home blood pressure monitors
An excellent stress management tool

What are the choices?
Which is best for you? - Does it really matter?

Take the blood pressure device quiz to really
find out which is the best blood pressure instrument for you

Free blood pressure chart

How to cope with stress and high blood pressure

" Words of wisdom from others with high blood pressure "

Health and habits

Send us your words of wisdom  -

While not all cures work for all people... one thing is certain.
Having a healthy attitude and a good understanding of the subject
will help you in making the best choices and help you to recover faster
and easier... while feeling good about the entire process.

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"Best of luck in your new adventure"

Marie E. Young RN,C

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The information contained on these pages is for general reference purposes only.
It is not a substitute for professional medical advice.  You should always seek the advice of your
physician before starting any new treatment.

Sunset relaxation therapy (SRT) is a stress management technique.
Feel free to tell your doctor about Sunset Relaxation Video and Sunset Relaxation Therapy.
SRT has been accepted by medicare, with doctors orders, as a therapeutic, psychological measure
and stress management technique to instantly reduce stress and lower blood pressure.
This stress management tool is now being used by large home health agencies.

If you think you have a stress disorder or have a difficult time managing or dealing with stress,
talk to your doctor about beginning some sort of stress management training.
The sunset relaxation and stress management technique may give you exactly
the stress relief you are looking for.

Stress relief and stress reduction are important.
If your doctor has any questions you can have him contact me directly: