Can homeopathic therapies work for you?

There are many ways to lower blood pressure.
Here are 20 suggestions that are fun, fast and easy to begin,
that will help you reduce stress, lower blood pressure
and allow you to enjoy the entire process - naturally.

20 ways to lower blood pressure naturally

Physical methods

Sunset relaxation therapy   -   learn to relax  -  laugh   -   go on a news fast

join a joke club   -   exercise   -   eat right   -  reduce stressful situations

Holistic methods

Avoid negative people and situations

color therapy   -   music therapy   - massage   -   aromatherapy

pet therapy   -   plant therapy   - stop smoking

20 Ways To Lower Blood Pressure

#1  Learn to relax

Clinical studies have shown that relaxation is one,
if not the most important and immediate methods
of reducing blood pressure in humans.

Relaxation tapes such as I use for
Sunset Relaxation Therapy Groups
are a 100% natural way to lower blood pressure and instantly
improve your health in the privacy of your own home.

Sunset Relaxation Video Tapes
are a true virtual reality experience and the perfect high blood pressure treatment.
This relaxation video offers blood pressure control without complications.

Just like changing or creating any old or new habits…
it must begin with a conscious effort to make the change happen.
To lower blood pressure it is imperative that you find a way to
make the stress stop controlling you and allow your body to totally relax
for a few minutes every single day!

An easy way to begin is by using some tools to help you.
I suggest purchasing a relaxation video such as a
Sunset Relaxation Video
to begin your new undertaking.

It is one of the best tools I have ever used to help hundreds
of my patients to relax.  My clinical studies show an average decrease
in blood pressure of 15 points, with some as high as 50 points,
in only one viewing for those in my Sunset Relaxation Therapy groups.

I have seen many other relaxation videos,
many claiming to be the most relaxing time of my life.
Only to learn that one persons idea of relaxing is actually quite annoying to another.
So I won't point you towards anything I wouldn't use myself.
If perhaps you do find a better relaxation video that works for you…
that you think may help others… please drop me a note at:

and I’ll check it myself and add it to my list
if I'm impressed with the results of my tests.

What I do know is that Sunset Relaxation Videos offer an easy
100% natural way that I have clinically proven to help the body relax
long enough and completely enough to lower blood pressure
and promote the bodies natural relaxation response.

And since Sunset Relaxation Video is 100% natural,
there are no adverse side effects.  No harmful drugs to complicate your
system… just a 100% pure pleasure and relaxation that you can get instantly
with very little effort on your part.

19 more ways to lower blood pressure

We are basically lazy creatures.
We would most likely choose to sit if we have no reason to stand.
We walk when we have no reason to run.
We relax when we have no reason to work or worry or be entertained.

The problem is… we always seem to have a reason to work,
or worry or keep our mind occupied with mundane entertainment
and other “negative influences” such as negative people and stressful TV shows.

Here are some more alternatives.

Laughter is a proven form of relaxation

Check out the humor section of your local video rental store.
Watch one funny movie every night for a week.
Buy a home blood pressure device and use it often to check your blood pressure
before and after watching a funny movie and again in the morning when you wake up.
Compare these results with your pre funny movie statistics to see
how they may be affecting you.

You may be pleasantly surprised!

Go on a news fast

Avoid reading the newspaper or watching the news for a week and see how
much better you feel without all that extra stress being injected into your mind.
Make a note of it on your personal blood pressure chart, and check
your blood pressure every day for a week to see how well it's working for you.

Join a joke club on the internet
(add link)

They'll send you a new joke every day.  It will give you a reason to laugh.
Laughing is very physically and psychologically stress reducing.  Test it for yourself.
Laugh.  Go ahead laugh our loud.  Think of something funny and just laugh.
The convulsions your body makes to laugh are very good for you physically, (honestly)
and the psychological side effects of laughter can make you (and the people around you)
“feel better” and lower everyone's blood pressure instantly.

Exercise daily

Movement is a powerful cure for stress and a mandatory requirement
if you want to stay healthy and lower your blood pressure.  Find some physical
activity you are willing to do at least once every day… even if it only begins
with learning to do some deep breathing exercises every day until you find a better way.
Visit our exercise page for more information

Avoid lifting heavy objects.
Lifting heavy weights can cause blood pressure to increase dramatically

Eat right

Eat foods that reduce stress and provide a calming effect such as
turkey, chicken, seafood, nuts, chocolate and red wine.
Eat foods rich in magnesium to fortify the nervous system.
Whole-wheat bread, raisins and spinach are just a few.

Buy a book (a tool) about eating healthy foods.  Not a FAD diet.
Remember this is a tool to help you lower blood pressure…
not a diet that adds stress to your life.
The first three letters of diet are DIE.
Just start cutting down on the foods that you know are
harming you or making you fat.

Begin a high blood pressure diet

People who are over weight are much more likely to suffer from high blood pressure.
Reduce your intake of sodium (salt), and carbohydrates
such as potatoes, rice, white bread and sugar.

Over eating can be a stress related illness and could cause or compound
high blood  pressure.  Many overweight people tend to over-eat
because of stress.   Try our dieting suggestions and try to make them
part of your new high blood pressure diet.

Reducing sodium intake

There are many low salt and no salt substitutes on the market for
people who are salt sensitive.
Learn more about the salt content of the foods you eat.
Read the labels before you buy them!

Reduce alcohol intake

Consider a plan to cut down on your alcohol consumption.
Heavy alcohol use usually increases blood pressure.

Also avoid stressful situations whenever possible

Don't go looking for stressful situations.  Walk away whenever possible
until you're healthy enough to be fighting about things that could quickly stress you out.
Take a vacation from stressful situations by not allowing them into your life.
Just walk away.
I use the phrase… “It just doesn't matter”.

Avoid negative people, places and things

Or at least limit the amount of time you spend with them.
Remember...  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
If there is someone who seems to be adding undue stress to your life…
try to take a vacation from him or her for a week.  Keep an eye on your blood pressure,
and see how much of a difference it makes.
Make a note on your Personal Blood Pressure Chart for future reference.
Tell them about the results if you think they will understand…
ask them for their assistance in your quest for lower blood pressure…
but don't go looking for trouble.

Stop fighting

While it is not surprising that fighting with someone can make your blood pressure
increase, research has shown that virtually any kind of negative feedback can raise
your blood pressure.  Stop fighting for a while.  You don't have to agree…
just don't take the time and energy to disagree.  It could change your life.

Holistic medicines...
Can they really make a difference?

Color Therapy
Surround yourself with colors that relax.

Color Therapy does seem to help some people to relax.
Pick the ones that suit your tastes.

Blue and green have been clinically proven to help people
relax and reduce blood pressure.

Pink is considered soft and innocent – without stress

Gray  is considered peaceful, quiet - without making any statement
White is clean, pure – and healthy

Brown is Earthy, warm and relaxing

Here is an interesting link to Color Therapy.
Read… be inspired… let it help you if it can.
I will soon add a Color therapy info / link

Music can be a wonderful source of relaxation

Listen to your favorite relaxation music alone
or while watching a Sunset Relaxation Video.
Put the Sunset Relaxation Video into the VCR and your favorite
relaxation CD or cassette into the stereo…
Adjust the music to compliment the waves on the video and
produce your very own personal, relaxation music video.
Good relaxation music is hard to find.  But here is a link to a company that I believe
makes some of the best relaxation music I have ever heard.

I will soon add a link to relaxation music

Get a massage

Full body, upper body or a foot massage (reflexology)
are all great ways to reduce stress and blood pressure.
The physical massage will help to reduce stress immediately, while helping the
lymphatic system to remove dead cells, cholesterol, and fat from your system.
A full body massage will assist the lymph system in cleaning up your entire
system.  Check the yellow pages for a massage therapist near you.
Visit at least 3 places before deciding where you want to go.

It's important that you feel comfortable with whomever is giving the massage.

Any human touch will normally help to reduce stress…
including things like holding hands, kissing, and intimacy.

Fortune 500 companies use massage as part of their benefits package.


 “The way to a long life and good health
is to have an aromatic bath and scented massage every day.”
Hippocrates – 400 BC

Seek healthy pleasures

Such as reading, talking with family or friends, a long distance phone call
to someone you miss, enjoying your pet, pruning a plants,
or a casual walk around the block or around the mall.

Buy a bird feeder and some bird seed, hang it right outside your window
on a branch or on a tall plant hanger… and make some new feathered friends…
and they'll come and visit you every day.

Feeling helpful and useful (even to a flock of birds)
will help you feel useful and relaxed.


Use the scents of essential oils such as jasmine, rose, geranium,
or lavender to help you relax.  Find a pleasant aroma that works for you
and use it often.

It can be found in stores that carry massage oils and lotions
or any stores that carry scented candles etc.

Pet Therapy

It has been proven that pet owners normally have less stress and a
lower blood pressure.  Pet therapy has been used in hospitals and
nursing homes around the world to help people to relax.

If you don't have a pet… but want one... choose something that is small,
quiet and doesn't need too much care to begin.
Some animals can become more dependent (and stressful)
than you could ever imagine.

Plant Therapy

Whether watering, transplanting or pruning plants,
studies have shown plant therapy to be a stress reducing activity.
   Plants take peoples' minds off their troubles as they focus
on another living thing that really needs their attention.

Stop smoking

While this subject is enough to give you high blood pressure all by itself,
it is a very sensible alternative.  You've been smoking all your life.
It's just now catching up to you… Maybe it's time for a change.

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* Disclaimer

The information contained on these pages is for general reference purposes only.
It is not a substitute for professional medical advice.  You should always seek the advice of your
physician before starting any new treatment.

Sunset relaxation therapy (SRT) is a stress management technique
designed to reduce stress and lower blood pressure.

Feel free to tell your doctor about Sunset Relaxation Video and Sunset Relaxation Therapy.
SRT has been accepted by medicare, with doctors orders, as a therapeutic, psychological measure
and stress management technique to instantly reduce stress and lower blood pressure.
This stress management tool is now being used by many home health agencies.

If you think you have a stress disorder or have a difficult time managing or dealing with stress,
talk to your doctor about beginning some sort of stress management training.
The sunset relaxation and stress management technique may give you exactly
the stress relief you are looking for

Stress relief and stress reduction are extremely important if you have high blood pressure.

If your doctor has any questions about the Sunset relaxation method

you can have him contact me directly