Stress and the Stacking Effect

Relaxation and Stress reduction are two of the most positive things
you can do to lower your blood pressure.  Stacking stress on top
of more stress, such as stress in the workplace, without letting go
once in awhile is hazardous to your physical and psychological health.
Workplace stress is one of the biggest contributors to stacked stress.

What is the stacking effect?

The stacking effect is the process of feeling stressed out so much or so often,
that you automatically start "saving" the stressful issues in the back of your
head (in your subconscious) to protect yourself from feeling overly stressed
out about too many things all at once.

Then if all these stressful feelings are not somehow resolved...
all this "saved" stress tends to build up over a period of time and the body
can start to "feel" the "unresolved internal stress" in the backround
of all your every day stress.  As this internal pressure is
allowed to persist, the body begins to react in a very negative way.

Is stacking stress the cause of your high blood pressure?

From the beginning of your life, you have been dealing with stressful
situations.  As an embryo in your mothers womb, you were beginning to pick
up on your mothers stress.  As an infant… you learned how to deal with
stress in whatever fashion your family may have taught you…
if they taught you at all.

You may have been taught to always resolve problem issues…
or you may have been taught to ignore or evade them.
Whatever you learned at this stage, has been running your life ever since.

Once you were over the stresses of being a baby… crying to obtain food,
(that may or may not have always worked) getting angry when being forced
to stop your play and go to bed… you went directly into dealing with the
stress of being a small child.  The stress of being ordered around or getting
spanked for not listening… the disappointment of not getting what you wanted
for Christmas or birthday… being picked on at school… there just didn't
seem to be any end to the stresses of daily life.

And what did you do to resolve all these issues?

Most likely you just did what your parents told you to do…
get over it… moved on… forgot about it… put it behind you…
or any of the other catchy ways your parents told you to deal with it.

So you listened… and did what you thought would be best…
but maybe just added a mental note to yourself to “never let it happen again”,
or “some day get even” or “I'm gonna remember this for the rest of my life…
because some day… “their day will come”.

But after a few days, weeks, months, years… we begin to just forget about it.
We don't figure it has anything to do with our every day living any more…
so why carry the extra stress around with us…
After a few more days, weeks, months, years…
we couldn't recall the thought if we tried.

Forgotten right?  Well, not exactly.

While it would be nice to just go into our brain and erase the past that we
don't want to think about… we can't.  Our brain works so efficiently
at remembering… that it does not even recognize the order to “erase”
or forget anything.

Tests have shown that we remember everything that has ever
transpired in our life… from about the time we are born.

We might not be able to consciously go in and fetch a memory of our 6th
grade disaster when we fell down the steps in front of everyone…
and lived with the name “Roley Poley” for the rest of the year.
But that does not conclude that issue is not still “remembered” in there…
and may still be affecting you in a negative way by adding another
tiny bit of stress to your daily life.

Unresolved stress and stress in the workplace
is not something we can forget.
It is not something we can just put behind us.  Unresolved means
unresolved... and workplace stress seems to just go on forever.

Unresolved means… "learning to live with it" in our present day life…
We try not to let unresolved stress bother we somehow just
constantly learn to live with it.  Stress in the workplace is also
"learning to live with constant stress" that we would normally
just walk away from.

This is what happens with the unresolved and workplace stress issues
that happen all during the course of your life.  We put them behind us.
We “think” we're over it because it doesn't seem to “bother” us anymore.

And then “something” happens.

We remember them (feel them) from time to time… as this “something”
reminds us of a past event.  We may even be able to “feel” the stress or
emotions of that event as if it were yesterday as we somehow
unconsciously connect with the old thoughts and feelings.  It may make us
laugh out loud… or cry our loud… as your conscious mind brings up more
and more of the details… and then… you get to that stressful part.

That unresolved part.  Something that happened that you feel was not
all right then and you suddenly get the same feeling that it's not all right now.
And in an instant, that stressful feeling begins to take over your thoughts
as it did in the past…  and you find yourself quickly deciding again to
“just forget it”… shaking your head and deciding that you
“don't want to be reminded”…  because it's just too stressful to think about…
and you have enough “present day stress” in your life to go and complicate
it with any “past stress”... so you quickly put the stressful "feeling"
back into your subconscious where it came from.

These past stresses and unresolved issues are still alive
and well inside your mind.
We just choose not to deal with them any more.  The problem is…
that while the “subject”… or the “issue” cannot harm us…
the stressful "unresolved feelings" that we try to bury along
with these subjects can.

As days and weeks and months and years go by.  We pile up more and more
of these stressful, unresolved issues and file them into our brains as forgotten.
We don't allow ourselves to think about them to any extent because
we may still have no answers 10 years later that could help us to resolve them.

Another day… another unresolved problem.  It all started when you were
a child.  A problem with a teacher at school
who didn't understand your lack of interest in Roman History…

and a problem with your girlfriend or boyfriend that gets you in a fight
and you break up… but you never really learn why…

a problem with your parents because they don't understand why you have to
play the music so loud, and confiscate the stereo…  a problem with the
neighbor yelling at you because you cut through their yard on your bike…

and that's only for Monday.

All of these things just seem to stack up and make you want to scream.
Or drink… or do drugs… or do anything that will help you to
Stop Thinking About It!

Then there's the problem with your brother or sister… a health problem
that never seems to go away… a job you lost because someone lied…
the ticket you got even though you were innocent… the money you lost and
never recovered… and a death in the family that you really never did
know how to deal with.

All these things just stack themselves on top of everything else you've
been filing in that “I don't want to think about it” file
since the day you were born…

20 years go by…
but all  the unresolved thoughts and feelings are still in there…

Unresolved daily stress

Unresolved weekly stress

Unresolved monthly stress

Unresolved annual stress

Unresolved personal problems

Unresolved stress in the workplace

Unresolved issues with government

Unresolved issues with teachers or employers

Unresolved issues with people who have died

Unresolved problems with family & friends

Unresolved stress from your adolescents

Unresolved problems from your childhood

Leftover feelings from your infancy

These are all the things that are squashed under that stack
of stressful things we "have" to deal with every day !

The money problems, family problems,
kids, pets, health, job stress,
noise, traffic, construction,
taxes, tags and transfer

When does it all end?

Stacking stress really can compromise
your entire immune system.

You become more vulnerable to all stress related illnesses due to
these kinds of stressful situations stacking up and going unchecked...
Continuous stress produces the stress stacking effect which then combines
all the different types of stresses you feel from the past,
present and future events.

Then to cover up these feeling of stress, we try to occupy our minds
with something else... we try to relax…

We really don't know what to do about any of it…
So we plop into a comfy chair... and we watch TV.

TV or not TV
that is the question

While most people sit and watch TV to relax... it may or may not be
helping... but may actually add to the creation of more stress.
Watching stressful shows, murder mysteries, the news, police chases
and courtroom battles, even sports and game shows
can cause more stress than they relieve.

You're still a bundle of nerves... on the edge of your chair...
waiting for someone or something to win or lose.

While this could be labeled “entertainment” which is supposed to create
the energetic feeling created by car chases and monster movies... it has
nothing to do with allowing the body to relax...

All it really does is convert your real life horrors into someone
else's horrors that your body still reacts to it in a very energetic way.

TV is the most exciting part of many peoples lives.
They watch it to be excited... to feel the energy burst from their bodies
defense system preparing them to fight the bad guys... or flee with the
helpless ones... and/or hate the deceitful aggressive ones.

 This hate and deceit is carried right into your bedroom when you go to bed...
You may even wake up in the middle of the night with your heart pounding
in your chest while your body uses up the rest of the adrenaline it had stored
from the movie you just watched.  This pounding, is very stressful to the
body that “believes” its all “real”, and responds with the same chemicals
as if you were in "real" danger... and it automatically prepares
you to fight or flee just as it does in real life.

We see police chases... and fist fights… and bank robberies, and rapes
and murders and we feel the excitement… the sadness… the stress, the fear,
the anxiety  just as we believe the person in the movie feels.

Then on to the game shows where
the stress of winning a million dollars
is right on the tip of our tongue…
What is the capitol of India?  Who invented the mailbox?
You have 7 seconds to hold your breath under water
and unlock yourself from a concrete block…
before you get eaten by a tank of hungry sharks !!!

Then on to the news programs… 20/20 shows you how unsafe you are at
home… at work… that your children are in jeopardy… that the government
is falling apart… that 500 people died in a plane crash… that there's a
hurricane headed your way…and a killer on the loose in your neighborhood !

Are you relaxed yet?

You go to bed with all this on your unconscious mind… wake up in the
morning feeling stressed out before you even open your eyes…
and you wonder why you have high blood pressure?

There's got to be a better way.

Unfortunately, not everyone can take a walk on the beach,
watch a sunset, or listen to the waves as they gently splash
against the shore.

Not everyone has a relaxing place to escape from the stress of the day.

Can Sunset Relaxation Therapy
help you?

The concept of Sunset Relaxation Video's is to offer
everyone a quality resource of relaxing sounds and images
that have been proven to promote the relaxation response
and reduce stress and thereby help people to avoid the stacking effect.

When stress is reduced each day,
you allow the body to stay healthy and be at peak performance
and this film is designed to do just that.

It offers a place to "fly to"...when the going gets tough.

It offers you the opportunity to
take charge of your health.

Sunset Relaxation Video

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* Disclaimer

The information contained on these pages is for general reference purposes only.
It is not a substitute for professional medical advice.  You should always seek the advice of your
physician before starting any new treatment.

Sunset relaxation therapy (SRT) is a stress management technique
designed to reduce stress and lower blood pressure.

Feel free to tell your doctor about Sunset Relaxation Video and Sunset Relaxation Therapy.
SRT has been accepted by medicare, with doctors orders, as a therapeutic, psychological measure
and stress management technique to instantly reduce stress and lower blood pressure.
This stress management tool is now being used by many home health agencies.

If you think you have a stress disorder or have a difficult time managing or dealing with stress,
talk to your doctor about beginning some sort of stress management training.
The sunset relaxation and stress management technique may give you exactly
the stress relief you are looking for

Stress relief and stress reduction are extremely important if you have high blood pressure.

If your doctor has any questions about the Sunset relaxation method
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