Lifestyle changes

Your best high blood pressure treatment may just be
a positive change in lifestyle

" It is not the strongest of the species that survive,
nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change "

Charles Darwin

Example of times you may have had to
change your lifestyle to rejuvenate your body.

Example #1

If you were physically injured or broken… the standard natural prescription
is rest and relaxation.  It may take awhile for the skin or bones to heal…
but they will heal if you give them the quality opportunity to do so...
meaning not too much movement for the injured part…
not too much weight applied to stress the skin or bone etc.

This calls for an immediate change in your lifestyle.

Like sitting still for a couple of weeks which you wouldn't normally do…
Rolling out of bed instead of jumping up, hopping on one foot instead of walking.
Using crutches or a cane or other "tools" to support your body weight so your body
can have some quality time to heal the bone without re-injuring or aggravating it.
These are things you would not normally do in your normal lifestyle…

This is also called a change in your lifestyle.

This is what it takes to get your body to function correctly again after breaking or
abusing it.  Ignore these common sense rules, and you could have a limp
for the rest of your life… and never really heal… and this injury could
go on to change or limit your lifestyle permanently.

The point is:

Lowering high blood pressure also calls for a
positive change in lifestyle.

Don't be fooling yourself into thinking that high blood pressure isn't just as,
if not more important, than a broken bone.

Stop and make the lifestyle changes required as soon as possible
to avoid any permanent damage.

Lifestyle changes

Example #2

It may take awhile to get over a really bad cold or flu.
This calls for an immediate change of life style also.  You may have to stay in bed for
days… huddled under the covers… watching soap operas, staying warm and avoiding
a chill… and drinking lots of liquids that you would have never have drank
(especially in bed) under any other circumstances.  This is a change of life style.
It calls for an immediate change of activity of some sort to maximize the opportunity
for your body to heal… and it calls for you to do what is natural to assist your body
in correcting the problem your body is having.

It means taking medicine… (a tool to use when a bacteria or virus threatens your body)
staying warm… and other tools such as warm covers, hot water bottle, space heaters,
electric blankets.  All tools to help you stay warm.  Changing your body temperature
only a few degrees cooler could allow the virus to take over your entire system.

For elderly people, not using the tools required could mean complications
or even death.  Eating things that are easily digested, chicken soup, hot tea, cocoa,
help to warm the body and make it easy for your body to digest what you are eating
so your body isn't working so hard on digestion and can dedicate
more time to fighting off the invader.

If you don't respond with a positive change in lifestyle, and use the tools required,
you could wind up with pneumonia or other infections and have major complications
because you allowed your immune system to be compromised, and then didn't take
the proper action to correct the problem before it got out of hand and started to affect
other parts of your body… and your life… and create permanent damage to your body…
even though you knew better.

Lowering high blood pressure also calls for a
positive change in lifestyle.

So stop and make the lifestyle changes required as soon as possible to
avoid any permanent damage.

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