Relaxation can help

How relaxation can help
you be healthier and happier

Learning to relax is not difficult.  It is something that your body knows
how to do all by itself.  If you have high blood pressure from stress,
you can learn to control it.

Learning to control your stress level by stimulating the relaxation response
will make you a healthier person in every way.

The body only creates new blood cells during the relaxation phase of its day.
Anytime you feel relaxed, unstressed, happy, in control, your body can help
you think better, deeper, more creatively because it is making more new
red blood cells that are not stressed out, and they carry more oxygen to the brain.

Plus - Your body only creates new T cells to fight off such things as
malignant cancer cells during the bodies relaxation response.

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* Disclaimer

The information contained on these pages is for general reference purposes only.
It is not a substitute for professional medical advice.  You should always seek the advice of your
physician before starting any new treatment.

Sunset relaxation therapy (SRT) is a stress management technique
designed to reduce stress and lower blood pressure.

Feel free to tell your doctor about Sunset Relaxation Video and Sunset Relaxation Therapy.
SRT has been accepted by medicare, with doctors orders, as a therapeutic, psychological measure
and stress management technique to instantly reduce stress and lower blood pressure.
This stress management tool is now being used by many home health agencies.

If you think you have a stress disorder or have a difficult time managing or dealing with stress,
talk to your doctor about beginning some sort of stress management training.
The sunset relaxation and stress management technique may give you exactly
the stress relief you are looking for

Stress relief and stress reduction are extremely important if you have high blood pressure.

If your doctor has any questions about the Sunset relaxation method
you can have him contact me directly