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Motorsports Spectacular

At the Charlotte County Fairgrounds

I got there early as usual, and took a quick look around the grounds

The U.S. Navy  R.O.T.C  helped with guiding everyone to a parking spot
as part of their community service requirements
pictures of englewood florida


Inside the gate I found lots of X-treme Harley's setting up for the Motorsports Bike Show



Hello everyone.  I'm sorry to interrupt this page, but I would like everyone to know that I was hired by "REV", the emcee of the Monster Truck show on these pages who introduced himself to me as "owner" of the American Monster Truck Association, to do extensive promotional video work for this company which comes to approximately $1500. 

He now refuses to return my personal video files which he took from me to "review" and he has decided not to speak to me, return any of my phone calls or letters or emails or pay for any of the work that he hired me to do. 

I've decided to post this here since he won't speak to me, yet still uses a direct link from his  www.   web page to this address to advertise his trucks and motorcycles and draco dragon and mini school busses.

I've decided not to take this page down since so many people like it... "But I just thought you all should know about this in case he asks to do business with you and tries to use my quality photography as his personal reference"


Check out the trailer on this one.   Nice Ride... and you can take your "stuff" with you.
It's as photogenic as the owner.


In the shade of the big oaks, I found Dan Locke, an archery instructor
giving everyone the opportunity to test their skills.

Here he offers some professional assistance to a little boy who seemed
very intent on shooting that bear.

We talked about our archery backgrounds for a few minutes, and I just had to give it a try.
Setting the camera in automatic, I took one shot... Bulls eye !!!

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