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Photographs from Englewood,Florida

The Little Miss / Mr Pioneer Beauty Pageant 2004
pictures from englewood florida

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The Englewood Jaycees

pictures from englewood florida
Note:  Being more of a photographer than a writer, I sometimes don't get all the names right... so there may be names missing or mispelled. 
I will correct them as soon as I have the information.  In the meanwhile, enjoy the photographs.  My appologies to those whom I have missed.
pictures from englewood florida



I arrived at The Boca Royal Country Club too late to photograph
the 0 to 5 year old division... but did stop a few of the winners
on the way out the door to capture these photographs of
Mr & Miss Photogenic


This kid really does have a royal look to him...
I think maybe he could be King.

pictures from Englewood Florida


Inside I was greeted by this beautiful little girl, who recognized me from
the  Rod Price Benefit  that I had photographed earlier this year.  I hardly recognized her all
dressed up but immediately asked to take her photograph before the pageant started.
She agreed, and I came up with these really excellent portraits.  I must admit, I can't take all the credit...
because I really don't think you could take a bad picture of this girl.  I'm giving her
this composite not only because she was very pretty... but because she was also very cooperative.


I even took a picture with her friend Taylor and her sister ....
(somebody help me with a first name here)
who were there to offer moral support.
pictures from englewood florida

picturews from englewood florida

Inside the Boca Royal Country Club, the pageant was about to begin,
and the room filled quickly

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photographs of englewood florida

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Pictures of Englewood Florida

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