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Photographs from Englewood Florida

Halloween Safe Walk
on Dearborn Street

picture from englewood florida

pictures from the Halloween Safe Walk on Dearborn Street
Hello Everyone...

These photographs are from the Halloween Safe Walk on Dearborn Street in Englewood Florida.  There was a fantastic turn out this year... and I couldn't even conceive the idea of photographing the thousands of great costumes I saw on the street... so all I could do is grab the ones that were in the best light and cooperated with the camera the best.  These pictures are in the approximate order that I photographed them. 

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Robert Shainline

picture from englewood florida

pictures from Englewood Florida

There were all kinds of costumes and masks.  I personally like the costumes
that actually include the persons face... but some of the new masks are really great !
pictures from Englewood florida

They were handing out candy on the front porch of The Emporium (362 Dearborn Street)
to hundreds of children that passed through the front door of  their little mini mall and exited
through The Island Hideaway that's located in the back.
pictures from Englewood Florida

In the back... all the servers of the Island Hideaway were dressed in Halloween fashion
and handing out candy to the kids at the back door of the Emporium.
(These two ghouls look like they could... should... be related... don't you think?)
pictures from Englewood Florida


This little mermaid was by far the prettiest of the bunch...
and I was hoping she'd look over at me and say
"Candy little boy?"
pictures from Englewood Florida

But she was busy handing out treats to all the younger kids

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photographs of Englewood florida
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Pictures of Englewood Florida

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