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Pictures of Punta Gorda Florida

The Cardboard Boat Races


pictures of punta gorda florida

Rules and Regulations

Boats must be made of nothing but cardboard, paint, duct tape and glue.

Human Power Division
One human (not dog, cat or stuffed animal) needs to ride in the boat during the race

Power Assisted Division
May use paddlewheels, propellers or sails

Crew size is unlimited but all crew members must wear Coast Guard approved PFD's. 



Groups and individuals - $25
Business/Organizations/Clubs - $100

All proceeds benefit the Charlotte County 
Family YMCA Annual Support Campaign !


YMCA Volunteer decorates the registration booth

Earl Lang and crew from the Acme Bike Shop with their entry, The Acme Yellow Submarine

Joey Walker of Sarasota with his 10'6" kayak made from cardboard
and 4 and a half rolls of dark gray duct tape
pictures of punta gorda florida

Bill Buckley & Nathan with the 6' 3" NS Sir Prize


(Everyone that participates gets an award)

Captains Award - (Boats that finish)

SS Minnow Award (1st boat that sinks)

Most spirited Crew - Best dressed crew - Best decorated boat



Captain Joshua Grahm with the USS West Coast with 18 barrels (counting deck guns) plus 5 snipers
He was well protected out there



This had to be the most unique entry in the race.
A very details model of a large green sea turtle entered by this Scottish crew
pictures of Punta Gorda florida


Y's men - Wise men... get it?

Other entries included a very functional paddlewheel from Rotary International

An 11' trimaran with 7' mast and 5'6" beam from the Punta Gorda Sailing Club

And of course the Charlotte County Sheriffs department to keep them all  from speeding !

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