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Photographs from Englewood Florida

Hello Everyone...

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These photographs are from 
The Englewood Fine Arts Festival
held on Dearborn Street in Englewood Florida
on Saturday and Sunday December 4-5, 2004

Sponsored by
The Rotary Club of Englewood

I spent 2 days at this event, and photographed some of the most unique and
original art I could find.  In the process, I learn a lot about the art and the artists.
My objective is to offer everyone a virtual tour of the event while I give the artists 
that participate some extended public relations in the form of these photo web pages.

While I will photograph anyone's artwork, I try to portray our own Englewood Artists first 
and foremost.  I personally believe that if we keep giving Englewood an "artistic flair" that 
we may be able to save it from over development.  I'm hoping we will eventually turn this
little corner of the world into an artist & art lovers paradise.

I hope you enjoy this event

Robert Shainline

Now let me introduce a few of the artists that inspired me

The first person I met at the show was a Datona Beach artist named Robert Binks,
who I think really captures the moment in his outdoor paintings.
Like nature paintings?  Try Robert Binks
artists of englewood florida

artists of englewood florida
artists of englewood florida
Meet Jeanne Hubbell, an Englewood artist at the show that makes these exotic
"Shellscapes" out of driftwood and shells with all kinds of other interesting nautical decor.
Jeanne has been doing this for years and says she enjoys being creative in this unique
craft because it helps her to relax.
artists of englewood florida
artists of englewood florida
Like shells?  You can reach Jeanne via e-mail at

artists of englewood florida
artists of englewood florida
Debra Purdy of Port Charlotte had a booth full of exotic copper sculptures of fish,
 birds, flowers and other exotic Florida designs.  Debra has learned the secret of
adding color to her copper artwork to make them even more unique.

artists of englewood florida

artists of englewood florida
Designs by Debra
Copper Sculptures and Water Fountains
(941) 743-5191

artists of englewood florida
This Belted Kingfisher (Ceryle alcyon) was created by Rotonda wood carving artist
John Harris who really studies the birds to get all the details as perfect as possible.
artists of englewood florida
artists of englewood florida
You can find lots of John's carvings on his photo web page at

artists of englewood florida
artists of englewood florida
Englewood artist Fran Fink had a beautiful display of watercolors in her booth of many different
Florida nature scenes.  I personally liked this Bobcat portrait because I have a real one that
looks just like these 2 that I find laying in the shade near my bird feeder every so often.

artists of englewood florida

Fine Art & Crafts by Fran  -  (941) 698-9284

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photographs of Englewood florida

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Pictures of Englewood Florida

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