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L.A. Ainger Middle School
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pictures of englewood florida

Hello Everyone...
Welcome to my photo web pages

I received a call from a woman that wanted some photo's taken of her and her family on the beach together...
and after speaking with her for a few minutes, she told me about the "Art Show" that was going on at the
L.A. Ainger Middle School.  So I called the school and spoke to Mrs. Broyles, the art teacher, and asked if
I could come over and photograph the artwork that was displayed.

The following pictures are my own artistic perspective of the things that I found there.

Some of these pieces were photographed in entirety, while others I cropped or altered in some way to make the photograph
fit into the perspective of my camera lens.  There were over 150 pieces on exhibit and I did not photograph every entry.
I only took what I personally thought would be the most photogenic and the most interesting to the largest variety of people.
And while I am really not an art critic, I do have the tendency to portray the pictures I personally like in a larger photo feature .

While many of these pieces were signed by the artist... many were not, and so I have decided not to go to any great extent
in labeling them.  But I do think that many of these kids are really quite talented for this young age and have a world of
possibilities ahead of them.   If any of the parents of these children would like to have full sized photo's of their child's work,
or if your child has a special artistic talent that you would like to capture for their future portfolio,
please feel free to drop me a note or give me a call.

All of these pieces were created by Mrs. Broyles Art Class students at Ainger Middle School in grades 6-7-8.
The average age for these kids is 11 to 14 years old.   Subjects included topics such as "weird contraptions"
from Rube Goldbergs' incredible machines, "crazy animals" with mixed up body parts as  interpretive,
mythological  creatures, large pastel portraits of students using one light and one dark value in each hand,
drawing simultaneously called Dual Draw and a host of other unique and artistic mediums and designs.

I asked Mrs Broyles if she had a message she would want to pass on to those that visit these pages and she said

"Art Programs Incorporate Academic Subjects Every Day !

I'd like to add...
"Support your local artist"

ALSO, before I forget...
you artists may want to pick up a copy of
next publication... because it looks
like some of these pictures will be featured in there also !

Now... on with the show


This turned out to be my favorite "photograph" from the show.  Not just because the artwork is so well done,
but because the black tabletop cover it was sitting on, and the orange painted floor in the background
seemed to just add another whole dimension.  The artwork is excellent.  Well done Ashley.
pictures of englewood florida

There seems to be no end to the variety of subjects these kids will take the time to draw
pictures of englewood florida

I found this to be very, very interesting and artistic and pleasing to the eye

There is an extreme amount of detail in many of these pieces
Englewood florida

I cropped this knight from a much larger picture

pictures of Englewood Florida
What a wonderful variety of talent

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Pictures of  Englewood Florida
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