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Pictures of Englewood Florida

Row - Row - Row Your Boat


Lemon Bay Crew Club had their 1st annual youth summer camp & regatta
for local teens on Friday, July 2nd, 2004
pictures of

wood florida
I just happened to stop by at Indian Mounds Park that morning when I found this activity already
under way.   The one man boats were just finishing up when I arrived, and this little guy
saw his chance to try one of them out
pictures of Englewood Florida

The four man boats were pretty awesome to look at, but not real easy to photograph.
I'd estimate they were a good 25 feet long and 16 feet wide with paddles out.
pictures of englewood florida

The stern has this tiny little rudder, connected with cables and controlled by the navigator
that sits in the stern, and is the only one facing forward when they race

The 2 teams load up and head towards the starting line for the big race.

The coast guard auxiliary stands by and defends the race course

pictures of englewood florida
And everyone on shore waits patiently while the boats get positioned in the distance
pictures of englewood florida
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Pictures of Englewood Florida
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