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Photographs from Englewood Florida

Pioneer Days

The Englewood Jaycees

picture from englewood florida

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First just let me say that the Englewood Jaycees really did have a difficult time in getting Pioneer Days
off and running this year.  While many of the participants were still cleaning up after  hurricane Charley,
the event had to be postponed due to the unrequested arrival of hurricane Frances on Labor Day Weekend.

And as if postponing this major event for a month was not difficult enough...
the participants then had to dismantle many of the floats and signs
due to the arrival of hurricane Ivan a week later...

And then... as if that wasn't stressful enough...
they had to make the emergency decision to dismantle everything in the middle of the festival
due to the early arrival of hurricane Jeanne in the middle of the second day of activities!

The following day, a friend of mine in Pennsylvania sent me this.
It seemed appropriate... so I thought I'd share it with you.

And since I'm way behind on all of my own work due to the same circumstances,
I've deceided that I would just post the the photographs that I think will tell the short story for now.
Then if/when I have time later on, or if I find a sponsor that wants to contribute
to induce my immediate attention... (remember, I do all this for free)
I will go back and expand the site by adding or redesigning better photo pages later on.

So if I promised you a photograph, and you don't see it here... it doesn't mean it won't get published.
It just means that I don't have the physical and financial resources to make the exotic colorful,
pages that I usually make.  However, if you're looking for a specific photograph
that may be important to you or a child... just drop me a note and I'll see what I can do.

For now, just let me just say "Thank You" to the Englewood Jaycees for their
continued participation over and above the call of duty.

On with the show !

" Photo's from Day One "
pictures from Englewood Florida

Special Thanks


Charlie & Tammy Bush
2004 Englewood Jaycee 
Pioneer Days Co-Chairs

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photographs of englewood florida

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Pictures of Englewood Florida

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