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Kids at Play
Model Composites
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Professional & Casual Portraits

Do you want or need a quality portrait of someone?
Robert's Photography can help

Portraits can be done
Indoors - Outdoors - At home - On location
allowing you to be photographed in almost any environment...
doing almost anything you want!

Posed - Casual - At work -  At play
Enjoying your hobby - Playing an instrument
Or falling down the steps...

Whatever you want !

How about a skit for AFV
America's Funniest Video's?
Do you have a funny idea?  Lets put our heads together.

You could win $100,000 !

High quality Digital Video & Photography

I also can shoot with high quality, high speed DV Cameras.
which can take approximately 30 photos... (per  second)
So it doesn't matter if you move or blink.


Kids are sometimes extremely difficult to photograph because
they usually won't sit still long enough to get a good picture
and they usually don't like being out of their normal environment.

I can get some really excellent photographs just letting them be themselves.

Is your child exceptionally handsome or pretty?

Would you like to find out if your children have what it takes to become a model?

Capture their innocence and send it to a modeling agency.
You just never know.

Couples & Group Portraits

Couples should be photographed at least once a year.
Because as you get older and start looking back,
you're going to wish you had at least one quality photograph of you
and your mate to remember each of those years you've been together.


Be creative... make it an annual thing you do together.
Have your pictures done doing whatever it is that brought you together...
re-create that first date... that first meeting... that first "hello"
Or have the pictures taken at your "special place"


Casual weddings  -  Beach Weddings  -  Boat Weddings  -  Backyard Weddings

Professional Hi-resolution Digital Photography & Digital Video

Photo and Video on CD  or  DVD  -  Music Video's  -  Internet Photo Albums

Visit the wedding gallery for more information and wedding photos



Special Events

Event Photography is my passion. 

Birthday's  -  Anniversaries  -  Family Reunions  -  Holidays  -  Special Occasions of ALL kinds

I can photograph or Videotape Anything !

Visit the Photo Gallery to view 1000's of high quality event photos




Models - Model Composites - Photo Contests

Dress up or down.  In leather or lace. 
French  gown or French bikini.

Color or black and white composites are available

Want to be a

 Cover girl?  Calendar Girl?  Runway Model?

Anything is possible.

Change clothes as often as you want.  Shoot some indoors and outdoors.
Bring hats, scarves and accessories.   Be creative!

Would you like to enter a photo contest?
Contest winners receive all kinds of prizes !

I once entered a Foster Grant sunglass contest with a
young model who won over $5000 in cash and prizes
and her photo wound up in Teen Magazine !

Another benefit of digital photography

You can also have all the images taken produced on a DVD,
edited to music for watching on your TV, or converted to MPEG video 
which can be played on any computer, or e-mailed to family & friends.

Music & Music Video's

Do you play an instrument?

Are you or a member of your family a musician?
Would you like to record these talents or make a music video to
 remember this time in your life or promote somones talent?

Are you a professional singer or dancer?

Do you have a band?

Do you need a demo tape or CD or music video on DVD to send out?

Call and ask about the unlimited possibilities.

Does your child play the violin?  Piano?  Flute?

Would you like some good photographs 
and/or a video of them playing the instrument?

Do you think you could teach someone else to play?

There are kids and adults everywhere that might like to learn.

Would you like to make an instructional video?
For yourself, your students, the local library?

Can you sing?  Dance?  Kereoke?

Remember that every photo shoot can also be made into a quality music video.

Would you like to make a music video?

Do you have a song that you really like 
that you and/or your friends might want to act out for yourself or someone special?

......Let's talk.

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