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FullColor Wallpaper
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Picture-of-a-tropical-island-sunset Picture-of-a-picture-of-Marblehead-Mass Picture-of-a-sunset-cloud-formation-in-Venice-Florida
Photographs and video's about your life can be used on any computer

Create custom wallpaper for your desktop

Make a custom screen saver for yourself and your friends
or sell it on the internet from my web site !

Whether you have a collection of dolls or a collection of rare coins
classic cars or hot wheels
comic books or erotic magazines.

Have something you'd love to sell... but just can't give it up.
Capture it on digital tape and it's yours forever.

Quality photographs can be made into digital creations that can
be made into a calendar or screen saver for yourself
or other collectors of such things.

Robert's Photography & Video Services
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