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Photograph your home after every home improvement for insurance purposes.
Photograph your home when all the foliage is in bloom
so you have a decent photo to use if you ever decide to sell it.


Have a photo of your home to send to friends and relatives.
Photograph and Videotape the interior and exterior for a virtual walk-thru.

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Are you planning to sell your home?

I can record a virtual walk-through of your home so that you have a
professional photo/video CD that you can use when you sell your home.
Do the recording during those "spiffing up" days just before you list with a realtor... 
or use the digital photographs and mpeg video clips to sell the house yourself.

You can e-mail the digital photo's and mpeg video clips to anyone in the world for
or mail them an entire photo/video CD for only 60 cents in first class postage.

Create your own 
" House for sale photo web page "
and use a smaller cheaper real estate ads to point people towards your site. 

I can have a very high quality photo web page up and running within 24 hours !

You don't even have to have a computer or an internet connection !

 I can easily create a temporary one for you and put your ad on the internet
where thousands can see it !

Plus you'll have some great pictures to remember your old home !

This kind of full color classified ad will have potential buyers viewing your quality home first !
You could put 10 quality photographs on your personal web page 
that could really show off a place like this and have it 
before they even come to visit !

Click here for some examples


And you will recieve your very own web address for this photo ad 
which can be added to any of your other advertising efforts

A great idea for potential buyers who can see your home without ever leaving their house...
and a great idea for sellers because you don't have to invite strangers into your house 
to just "a quick look around".

If you plan to rent the home, it's imperative that you get quality photo's of the
interior and exterior of the house "before" you rent it so that you will be able to
remember and compare it's condition "after" the rentors move out.


If you are a realtor, and would like to actually "Show the house" to me
and my video equipment, I can create a virtual walk-through CD that
can let hundreds of people see and hear what you have to offer
without ever leaving your desk.

Robert's Photography & Video Services

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