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Are you an artist?

Do you paint, carve, sculpt, create?

Picture-of-a-painting-of-indians-on-horseback Picture-of-a-painting-of-a-spanish-soldier Picture-of-a-painting-of-a-country-home-in-the-snow

One-of-a-kind artwork is well worth photographing
whether its just for keeping a record or for expanding your
financial horizons by selling some of the designs to other mediums.

Do you have lots of old photo prints
Maybe you should convert your favorite paper photographs into to digital pictures
that will last longer, take up less space, and allow you to
share them with family and friends.

Picture-of-a-picture-Arms Picture-of-a-picture-Rick Picture-of-a-picture-Jaime
Picture-of-a-picture-Arms-copy Picture-of-a-picture-Rick-copy Picture-of-a-picture-Jaime-copy
An oil painting could be made into stained glass
A quilt design could become a great wall hanging or custom material design
Picture-of-a-painting-of-old-house-in-the-country-by-JD Picture-of-a-jungle-wall-tapistry Picture-of-a-painting-of-a-mountain-scene-by-Marie
How would you like to create a computer screen saver of all your best work?

How about passing your best work on... to inspire your children...
and your children's children?

Quality close-ups of artwork, sculptures or designs can also be framed
and sold in a multitude of markets.


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