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Cars - Boats - Planes

Do you own a nice car?  Do you have a good photo of it?
Not the old here's my car in the driveway photo
but a here's my car driving on the beach...
down a country road... or poised on the edge of a cliff
like a real car commercial.

Remember your car by having a portrait of you and it
the day you wash it, wax it or maybe the day you buy it!


Do you own a classic car or antique?

Need some photo's for entering a car show?



How about an excellent portrait of you and your clean machine?

Would you like to enter a magazine contest?
There's always room for good looking guys &  hot cars
Or good looking cars with hot women.

How about a "cruisin down the highway" music video?

Are you a race fan?
Do you race your car?
How about a video of your best smoking burnout?
Going through the gears... tearing up the blacktop?


Do you own a boat?
Would you like to have a professional photo
of you and your boat zipping down the inter coastal?

Busting through the breakwater at the end of the jetty?

Cruising on the horizon with full sails in front of a setting sun?


Catching the biggest tarpon you've ever seen?

Or just relaxing at your favorite anchorage?

All these photo's can be yours.


Are you a motorcycle kind of guy or gal?
Keep that Harley haulin... that panhead pristine?

Would you like a professional photo of you and/or your bike...


Are you into dirt bikes?  ATC's?  ATV's
Swamp buggies?  Motor cross?


Would you like to enter it in a photo contest
or try to get it in a magazine?

Got friends that you ride with?

How about planning a group photo of the club on your next putt?
Cruisin down the highway and gathered at your favorite watering hole?

Airplanes & Flying Machines

Do you have an airplane?
Would you like some photo's or video of you flying it?


Are you an instructor?
Would you like to make an instructional video to sell
or give to your students?

Got a Piper?  An ultra light?  A kite?

I'd like to do some aerial photography.
Do you have a plane that would fit my needs?
Maybe we could make a trade?


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