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Hobbies & Special  Talents

Do you have a unique or special hobby?

Something only you know how to do?

   Why not have professional photo's of your work
and/or a how-to video of your trade to sell or pass on to the family?

Are you good at ceramics?

Frog with an inner-tube Mushroom cup design Owl statue

How about passing it along for it's historical value?

How about sharing with others that would love to learn something new

I can photograph your products and videotape your process
and make sure you get credit for it.

I can even create a web page on my site for you to advertise your talent

Your great, great grandchildren will thank you for it.

Can you weave a basket out of a palm leaf or some pine needles?

Can you platt a whip, make an arrowhead?

Picture-of-custom-bullwhip-color-designs Picture-of-custom-made-bullwhip-handles Picture-of-finished-custom-bullwhips

Do you have some family recipes you want to pass on?

Do you have a special talent that will be lost forever
if something happens to you?

Why not pass it on to future generations?

Take professional photo's and/or put it on video or video CD.


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