The Sun Bird Kayak Festival

June 28, 2003

Event T-shits made and modeled by Gary Stasko of Shark Tee's

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Robert Shainline Video Productions
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Festival Sponsored by:

The Englewood - Cape Haze
Chamber of Commerce
(941) 474-5511

Here are some of the many people that made it all possible

Karen Maurer

Registration for big, big prizes ! Margo Grimshaw - or is that Goldie Hawn?

If you were there, you'll know that the original kayak race on the gulf
was canceled due to stormy weather...

Contemplating the approaching storm - changing strategies The storm rolls in from the south These kayaks are so light the wind was blowing them around on the beach

But it didn't stop everyone from having FUN FUN FUN...

Headed out into the storm... all by himself Some people just love to play So who needs a boat ?

One racer just had to go out and enjoy the surf

The sign is self explanatory - but that's my van on the other side of the street. Everyone start your paddles !!! Not exactly the most exciting race to watch

Quick thinking had everyone carrying their kayak to the bay side
where they held the race on the intercoastal !  Good thing they're light.

A Glass bottom Kayak - very cool idea You can build your own wood kayak at home. Ocean kayaks are fun and safe for everyone.

His and Hers Kayaks - Isn't life great ? To peddle or paddle... that is the question

Kayaks for everyone
Kayaks of every shape and color showed up for
what we hope to be the Annual Kayak Festival

We're talkin kayak's here Rolling a kayak upside down and then back upright is not that difficult with a little training..

Ok so who's the wise guy that stole the other a The crowd watches while the instructor shows them different kayaking techniques Instructor and student show everyone how its done

Kayaking lessons

Food and drink for everyone

I'm hoping they'll invite me for a free dinner Hot dogs, bergers and ribs from Rum Bay Restaurant were the hit of the day. Rum Bay chef takes home the honors of Best Chef

Carribean sauces are great on meats of all kinds ! Hot and cold cappaccino were available all day

Official Taste Tester The King of Beers Dancing Barmaids


Great music, great voice Greg Burke on the right - Custom built guitars and repairs One of those guys that'll never grow up... but he sings very well.

The Erin Rye Band - Bass Erin Rye Band - Drummer The Erin Rye Band - Lead guitar

This guy can really play a fiddle... and a madolin... and probably a lot of other stuff Great music - Great voice - Some excellent Irish music One drum is all he needs

Sorry but I didn't get everyones name...
Contact me if you'd like me to add your names to the pop-up

Singing & Dancing

Sing along - Dead skunk in the middle of the road Dance fever When the music's right... Some people just can't help but dance

Dancin their petuties off Dance instructor and designated driver Shake it Baby !

And a lot of pretty faces !!!

Mother and son... happy to be here The eyes have it I just can't help photographing a pretty face when I see one

Another pretty face acting out for the camera Englewood beach bunnies Fun for all ages

And lets not forget the Belly Dancers !!!

Now who was it that thought up the belly dancer angle for a kayak festival?
Apparently, anyone with a belly can learn how to belly dance Take me to your temple She floats like a cloud

And the load of sponsors that made it all possible.

Please support our local businesses.

Kayak Festival Sponsors - Printed by Shark Tee's - Modeled by Karen Maurer

And a little free advertising for some of my friends who's signs I saw

Shows over and it's time to take down the stage

Going Going Gone

Well, I hope you enjoyed the day as much as I did.
And I hope you keep me in mind for your next event.

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Have a great day !

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