The 4th of July
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Festival Sponsored by:

The Englewood Jaycees
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The Jaycees were taking donations all day
for the fireworks display planned for 9:00 pm

Blind pass Park is in the middle of Manasota KeyJaycees volunteer asks for firework donationsSeems to be working

The beach at Blind Pass Park (Middle Beach)
filled up pretty fast

Beach goers enjoy a beautiful sunny dayEveryone hurried for a prime sunning locationThe beach really filled up by early afternoon

And everyone seemed to be having a good time

Local residents enjoying the musicHot dog vendor enjoying the viewEnglewood chamber president (right) has the day off

Psychiatric nurse Marie Young enjoying a day offNow is that a pretty smile... or what ?There seemed to be pretty smiles everywhere

The music started around noon-time with the
Fat Cat Blues Band...

Fat Cat's bassFat Cats lead guitar and vocalsNice guitar

Fat Cats drummerFat Cats bass and vocalsFat Cats harmonica

And then there was more singin...

Easy listening acustic guitar playing light rockTwo guitars are better than oneWe be jammin !

And more music

Mike - Erin Rye Band - GuitarJohn - Erin Rye Band - DrumsBill - Erin Rye Band - Bass

and some dancin...

Pretty girls everywhereNon stop entertainmentShe loves to dance

and some foolin around...

Special body oil treatment takes two to applyDirty old men have a clean new conceptA little face massage is always nice

With lots of stuff to eat and drink...

Step right up for the best hot dog in townCiindy Ortiz of the Jerky Hut opens a package for a hungry customerJohnny Leverock's sent fresh seafood for everyone

Carribbean sno... that's newThe cappuccino manHot pizza only one dollar a slice

And a whole lot of
Red, White & Blue

My vote for best picture of the eventEnglewood fire company is here... just in caseClassic guitar - Classic colors

Pepsi cola and red white and blue - how patrioticFlashing lighted flag was a big big hitHorray for the red, white and blue - God Bless America


Tribune photographerTribune photographer comparing notes with the Sun
There were even photographers for the Tribune and the Sun
there to capture the action

And then...

There were the
fireworks !!!!

Sign posted at parking lot entrance

These guys obviously did not read this sign !

Don Exnor representing Melrose fireworks
gave me an exclusive video interview of
his 18th year of setting up fireworks.

Turns out there's a whole lot more to it than the old
"Light fuse and get away"
directions that used to come with fireworks

These guys are serious !!!

Four inch cardboard mortar tubes ready for loadingReusable 4 inch steel mortar tubes are burried in the groundSix inch PVC pipes are only used once

Launchers are made of cardboard, steel and polypropylene (PVC)  pipe
It takes 2 hours just to load these tubes once they're built

120 - 3 inch mortars - one half of the finale set-upLight fuse and get away !!!  Fuses run at 60' per second

They set some of them off using a car flare and a regular fuse (right)
"These 120  three inch mortars (above left) are all fused together"
"This is a one light deal... light one end and Rock n Roll "
Fuses run 60' per second !

Finale is set off electronicallyDon shows off the tools of his tradeElectrical control (e-match) firing box

Much of the finale is set off electronically
using a new technology called e-match

(center photo)
Right hand - a six inch e-match mortar
Reft hand - Finale string is made of 10 three inch mortars all fused together
"Light and run !"

The results are.....

Absolutely wonderful !!!

OhhhhhhhhhhAhhhhhhhhhhhOhhhhh ahhhhhh

BOOM !!Bang !Cool !

Boom boom-boom boomMagicSpace... the final frontier

Hedgehog burstStar TrekThe end

An Mpeg Video of the fireworks display is available
on CD that will play on any computer

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4th of July festivities
put on by the
Englewood Jaycees

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Jerky for everyoneBeef jerky business is booming in EnglewoodJerky strips are fun to eat

Premium BBQ sauceThe jerky hut will deliver to your home

Ron & Cindy Ortiz
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