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The Hibiscus Festival

As I said...
The Hibiscus Festival in Punta Gorda Florida was a combination of many different
events in the same area... on the same day.

When I was through photographing the winners of the Hibiscus Pageant,
WENG and the most interesting booths at the Home & Garden Show,
I drove over to the Hibiscus Festival that was going on along the river at Gilchrist Park
hoping to find some exotic hibiscus to photograph.  But to my surprise,
I found that all of the hibiscus were completely sold out before noon!
So I asked the above visitor if I could photograph her chest so I could
have a pretty hibiscus picture for this page.


My first stop at the festival was at the Historical Center booth where they were selling
Hibiscus Tea.   I purchased an ice cold glass of sweetened tea, and found it to be very refreshing,
so I asked if they sold the recipe.  But I was told they bought the tea bags at a health food store and
the were only there to help make some money for the Charlotte County Historical Center.
22959 Bayshore Road, Charlotte Harbor, FL 33980 - (941) 629-7278


I couldn't find any hibiscus to photograph, so I stopped by this colorful booth and spoke to
Robert from Exotic Blossoms Inc. who still had a large variety of  fragrant plumeria and exotic orchids
for sale... and I spent the next 20 minutes photographing these unique & beautiful flowers.

Above: Orchids left and right with a white lemon scented plumeria in the middle.

Plumeria is the Hawaiian Lai plant that they make those necklace "lai's" out of.
They are a tropical plant and do very well in Florida.  I know because I have about 20 of them.
I had purchased one small Imperial Yellow Plumeria (twice the size and sweetness of those shown here)
about 5 years ago, and last year it put out a single seed pod.  When it matured, I found it contained
a couple of dozen long thin seeds.  I planted them in separate pots, and almost all of them sprouted.

If you have an exotic flower you would like to have photographed,
or if you would you like to buy an Imperial Yellow Plumeria?
Give me a call @ (941) 697-6664

The plumeria and orchids shown here are from
Exotic Blossoms Inc. in Punta Gorda. (941) 575-8588


I also found Pitter Pat there painting faces and legs?
Need a face / leg paint artist at our next event?  Want to learn how to face paint yourself?
Pat gives lessons and sells face painting supplies.
Give her a call at (941) 474-4351

And I found the only place in town that sells dragon eggs.
I mean only 3 bucks for a dragon egg !  What a deal !

Hope you enjoyed your visit.
Your questions, comments and ideas are welcome.

Please let me know if there is anything I can photograph for you.

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Hibiscus Fest
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