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Halloween 2003

Dearborn Street

Hello Englewood...

I just downloaded all the pictures to my computer...
but it will take me a couple of days to put the entire web site together.
But rather than make you wait to see the results
(I know some of you are anxious)
I decided to quickly look over my pictures
and post the ones that seemed to
jump right out at me
and remind me why I love being a photographer.

These are the pictures that spoke to me.

Keep in mind, that I chose these 30 over some 300 others
not only because I thought the costumes were well done,
but because the photo itself contained the professional quality
that I want to portray as a photographer.

The rest of the pictures will arrive in a few days,
so be sure to
bookmark this page now
and pass on this address to your friends.

Enjoy !

Photo's are displayed in the approximate order that I took them...

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