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Halloween 2003

Dearborn Street

Hello Englewood...

Well halloween is over but the fun continues.

All my best pictures are finally posted on this site.

This first page has the pictures that I enjoyed the most.
These are the ones that seemed to jump right out at me
and remind me why I love being a photographer.

Not that all the other pictures aren't great...
 It's just that I chose these 30 over the others
because I thought the costumes were well done,
and because the photos themselves contained the professional
quality that I want to portray as being the photographer.

Enjoy !

These pictures have been significantly reduced in size to help them load faster.
Full sized photo's are available upon request.
Photo's are displayed in the approximate order that I took them

And it's not over yet !

Theres still three more pages of pictures!

Just click on any page link below to be instantly transported

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Page 4

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