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Photographs from Boca Grande Florida

photographs of Boca Grande Florida
photographs of Boca Grande Florida
I was standing by the waters edge at the end of 7th Street,
contemplating the idea of videotaping another fantastic sunset for my
sunset-relaxation-video collectors edition DVD
when I saw a car pull up and let out a couple of large dogs in the grassy field nearby.
photographs of Boca Grande Florida

Moments later... there were more cars... and more dogs... and before I knew it,
the grassy field was filled with a wide variety of very well natured puppies
that seemed to really enjoy the freedom to run and play with their island friends.

pictures of Boca Grande florida
I'm hoping to expand this page each time I have the opportunity to enjoy their
warm furry hospitality... and with any luck at all... I too will get to experience this
very relaxing and heart warming  feeling of being licked all over.

photographs of Boca Grande Florida

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Pictures of Boca Grande Florida
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pictures of boca grande dogs
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