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pictures of englewood florida

The Englewood Fire Department tests some of their fire engine pumps at the Rotonda Docks
using a technique called "drafting" whereas they have to practice "sucking" the water
in from a pond or canal instead of having it come in from a pressurized fire hydrant.

pictures of englew

Deputy Chief,  Tim Lang oversees the operation
ood florida

Above, the large black line goes in the water just below the surface and connects to the
engines intake pump.  Right, Lt. Kirby Durham keeps floating debris from entering the tube.

The fire engines themselves were very clean and appeared well maintained.
The guages above tell the firemen the exact pressure of the water being pumped during each test.

Fireman Pete Miles changes the nozzel on the "monitor" or "water canon" as it is sometimes called.
Testing with a special guage, firefighters can test to be sure the pressure at the nozzel is the same as the
pressure reading on the guages on the engine.   A special "manifold" helps to distrubut the flow
in multiple directions.  Special wrenches help to tighten and loosen the lines.

Lt. Kirby Durham and Lt. Brian Kappelmann (yellow helmets) with firefighter / EMT Bob Craft
adjust the flow as part of the exercise.  Changing the nozzel to a smaller size gives them more distance,
but reduces the amount of water being pumped per minute.  Pressure in the 3 inch line below
is 150 psi which delivers approx. 1250 gallons per minute.  Wow !
Your home water pressure is about 60 psi.

Firefighter Pete Miles pondering the next exercise.

The directions and warnings for putting up the ladder is attached to the side of the engine...
Just in case.


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Pictures of Englewood Florida
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